Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rocky Mountain Adventure -Guest Heart Thursday

Years ago, when our children were "tweens," my husband and our family along with his Brother, Sister-in-Law and their family were sightseeing in the Rocky Mountains near Estes park.

The cliffs along the road sparkled like diamonds.  We were in awe so we pulled to the side of the road to look at the bright  rocks of the steep hillside. 

The kids decided to climb the side of the hill.

Our middle daughter had climbed quite a ways up when the unthinkable happened.  She reached out to grab part of the cliff when a huge piece of the cliff came loose on top of her.  Later she said,  “I tried to push it to one side with my hands so it wouldn’t hit my cousins, but it was too heavy.”  Everything went into in slow motion as I watched the boulder land on my nephew, then bounce back onto my daughter. 

The giant rock hit both her shins and she flew backwards off the cliff, landing on her back in a cupped area of sharp rocks below.

The huge rock bounced down to land on my young niece, hitting her hard on the thigh as she slid down the cliff on her feet.  My daughter said at that moment she felt herself blacking out--but she was so worried about her cousins, she wouldn’t let herself go into the darkness. 

As she lay there, she was afraid to move because she hurt so badly.

I don’t remember how I got to her side, but suddenly I was there, my husband close behind, checking her legs, her back while my brother-in-law, once he knew his son was alright, carried his daughter to the edge of the road.

Miraculously the kids only sustained scrapes and cuts—there were no broken bones, no lasting consequences.  They insisted on going on to Estes Park.

On our way back, we pulled over to the spot where our children had so narrowly escaped harm.  There was the rock which had fallen onto the children--it was so big and heavy my husband and his brother together couldn’t lift it.  It was a miracle no one was seriously hurt.  We knew God’s angels had hefted that great boulder aside.  There was no other explanation.

Then the kids decided to climb the hill again.  It looked safe and they were determined to go.  After examining the hillside, we as parents felt this was the best thing to do.

After climbing to the top and back our daughter confided, “Best of all I conquered my fear and climbed that same cliff--all the way to the top.”

Later we went back and got that big rock—it rests my brother-in-law’s Garden—a reminder of God’s incredible mercy and grace, and the strength and loving protection of those Rocky Mountain Angels.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Angels Overhead -Guest Heart Thursday

If you look closely you can see a heart hidden in the arms of the cloud.  What a beautiful day it was.  I was down at the park with my darling little niece.   We were in awe of the beauty of the skies.

Then she gasped and pointed upward.  "Look," she cried.  "There's an angel!"  She danced on her small toes as she added, "and his arms are open for a hug."

What a beautiful thing--to see through the eyes of a child.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Angels on the Highway

The evening after we returned from our 30th anniversary celebration, I received a message that our friends in Carson needed me to speak for their Mother/Daughter tea--their speaker had become ill and was not going to make it.

I almost said no, because I suddenly had the strong impression if I went, I would be in grave danger.  Yet something inside me knew I must say yes.  So I did, but not before asking everyone I knew to pray for safety on the road.

I had one day to prepare.  They wanted to know if I could bring my Mom, so I asked Mumsie if she'd like to come with me.  I was delighted when she said she could.  Time with Mumsie is to be treasured, even in heavy traffic!  Traffic in Portland was congested and slow.

I was in the middle lane, cars on both sides, when I noticed the man in the big SUV on my right was drifting into my lane.  It didn't seem real, when suddenly he swerved at me--he didn't even look to see if anyone was in his way.

Just in time, the car on my left sped up, so I was able to swerve into the left lane, while laying on the horn.

That SUV had come to within an inch of the side of my car.  Mumsie could not believe he'd come that close without actually hitting us.  Mom and I were both shaking, as the man backed off and pulled in behind us.

Only supernatural intervention could have saved us.  It was SUCH a close call.

But then less than a minute later, ANOTHER car--a big old boat of a car tried to pull in front of me into a space that wasn't there--as he did so, the car in front slammed on their brakes. Mom was saying, "Slow down, slow down," as I miraculously missed hitting the back left-hand side of that idiotic young man's bumper.

Once again, we were safe.  Both Mom and I distinctly felt Angels all around us.  Watching--keeping us from harm.

I slowed to a crawl, grabbed Mom's hand and I cried.  The big silver SUV was still behind us at a discreet distance, following us onto The Dalles freeway.

Then traffic slowed once more.  The SUV changed lanes to pass us. 

Said I, to Mumsie.  "I am going to give that guy the 'Mommy look.'"

I slid my glasses to the end of my nose and as that man passed us, he looked over at me.  I gave it to him both barrels.  His mouth opened into an O, his eyes were huge and he looked terrified.  We followed him at a discreet distance, until he suddenly crossed three lanes of traffic to take the next exit.

When we arrived in Carson, Mumsie and I were not surprised to hear that, at the time we faced that great danger, several of the ladies had been led to pray. 

Astounding.  But not surprising.  There was a feeling that we had avoided an evil attack of some kind--that there were invisible forces all around us, fighting and protecting us from an awful fate.

I know it was my destiny to speak that day.  Something didn't want me to get there.

I believe what I was led to say made a difference in many lives.  I am grateful to God for His protection and for our beautiful friends in Carson.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Hearts Grieve

Monday, as events unfolded, I took a break to walk outside.  I was in tears, praying for the people of Boston--Asking God to cover everyone who's lives have been altered forever.

Astonishingly, my camera captured this angelic cloud overhead.  Indeed, I believe God has sent his angels to cover, protect and intervene in this situation. I don't know how it will end, but I continue to pray.

Our hearts grieve over the tragedy--this heartbreaking event has changed so many lives--those who died and their families and others who have been grievously wounded.  It may sound strange, but my heart also goes out to the families of the young men who chose to do this horrible thing.
Let justice prevail, yet let compassion overcome our great anger. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Cloudy Angel

Sunday, on our way home from Carson, Washington State, we stopped in Stevenson at my favorite park.

It is where one can cross an oaken bridge to a little flower-strewn meadow.  From there, stone hewn steps lead to a small lagoon where the beach is strewn with blue rocks.  I once met a dragon there.  (grin)  It is a magical place.

The clouds were boiling overhead, but the river seemed calm.  A gentle breeze blew and I began to feel whispy drops of rain.  "Time to leave," I thought with a bit of reluctance, glancing toward the opposite side of the Columbia River.

I wasn't a bit surprised to see that cloudy angel waving at me!

Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mysterious Tears

I was ten years old when I created this chalk drawing on black construction paper.   I can still feel the way the chalk felt in my fingers, as I drew it across the paper--I can see the lighting of the room and I remember I knew exactly how to draw this man's face.  Mrs. Young, my teacher was amazed.

Mom loved it so much she hung it on the wall of the stairway which led to my sister and my room.  It hung there until I was in my late teens and I found a frame for it.

Thirty years later, I took the drawing out of its frame to scan it into the computer, to upload it onto an art website I had at that time.

That's when I noticed the tears.  I was floored.  There were what looked like tear stains dripping from his eyes and tracing down onto his cheeks. 

I was astonished and more than a little in awe.  If you click to enlarge the picture, you can clearly see where the tears trickled from his eyes through the chalk.  I often wonder about those tears.   I wonder.  I do.  So many miraculous things have happened in my life.

Today the drawing hangs on my office wall.  It reminds me that mysterious, miraculous things really do happen.

Sometimes miracles occur through the innocent hands of a little child wielding a piece of chalk against a thick piece of black construction paper.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Roses for Mumsie -Guest Heart Thursday

Every Valentine's Day, Daddy always found a way to get Mumsie a lovely bouquet of flowers and a big fancy box of candy.  Because this was Mom's first Valentine's Day since Dad died, I knew it would be incredibly difficult for her.  I wanted to do something special for her in his absence.

So, I found some flowers which were reasonably priced and chose the best ones I could afford.  I looked longingly at a huge bouquet of red roses, but knew I couldn't swing it.  I asked the clerk if they sold fancy boxes of chocolate and if not, perhaps she knew someplace nearby where they did.

I explained my plans to surprise Mom with flowers and a big box of chocolates and why it was so important.  Unbidden, tears lurked in my eyes.

As I was ready to purchase the flowers I'd found, the young lady excused herself for a moment.  I stood at the check out counter lost in my thoughts--when I heard her ask, "Does your Mom like roses?"

"Yes, she does," I said, looking up with a tearful smile.

In her hands the girl bore a beautiful bouquet of a dozen red roses complete with baby's breath and gorgeous greens.

"These are for your Mom," she said, putting them into my hands.  "And they're on the house."

I gasped and burst into tears and when I could find the words, I thanked her.  She was weeping as she hugged me.   

What an unexpected, precious gift of love for our beloved Mumsie--on a day I know she was dreading with all her heart.

Sometimes Angels are people doing wonderful, unexpected things for each other.  I am so grateful for Miss Molly and her lovely gift of flowers.  Mom was astonished--and when she heard the story, she was even more touched.  (And yes, I did find a really cool heart box filled with chocolates to go along with those roses.)  (grin) 

We can all be someone's Angel--and you never know who's watching.  Click on the heart below--this song touched me SO much.  Thank you to all the angels out there--with one simple kind act, you can change the world.

I wish each of you, a wonderful Happy Valentine's Day! 

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