Thursday, March 31, 2011

Angel Escorts

Sandi sat by the hospital bed, listening to the faint breathing of her dear Friend, as she lay dying.  She closed her eyes and the tears streamed down her cheeks.  Her heart was breaking.  Suddenly through her grief she felt the presence of angels all around her and an amazing comfort enfolded her heart.

One breath--then another--then none.

Then the angels were gone--and so was her Friend.  These gentle bright beings had come to escort the girl into heaven--leaving a great comfort to fill the hole her friend had left behind.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Her Darkest Hours

This morning I was praying for one of my Best Friends. She is dearer to me than life. My Friend is facing hardships I can only guess at. She feels the darkness closing around her. I have been so burdened and grieved for her sake. 

As I brought my most precious Friend to my Lord, the sun broke through the clouds. Gasping in awe, I snapped this photo. Though I enhanced it a little so you could see what I saw, I didn't need to change much.

The Shepherd Who loves my Friend sends a gift--a message--He brings the light. Light will ALWAYS triumph over darkness. "And the darkest hour of the night, is just before the Dawning light, and now before this moment is gone--get ready! Here comes the Sunrise!"

Light is always stronger than darkness...Our loving Shepherd Who weeps, He Who understands sorrow like no other, comforts and leads His flock. He gently holds the wounded ones close to His heart and tends to their hurts with His own hands.