Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve Angel -Guest Heart Thursday

The holidays have been hard this year.  This was our first Thanksgiving and Christmas without our Dad.  It has been an emotionally hard time for our entire family.

It was Christmas Eve day.  I was working on Christmas presents, when the phone rang.  It was Sissy.  When she told me what had just happened, I laughed and laughed--It was exactly what we all needed.  I asked Clytie to send me the story of the Christmas Eve Angel so I could share it with you.

Sissy writes, "I was walking down our rural country road, picking up cans to earn a few extra dollars. It was Christmas Eve, and I was short of money for the month.
             I had just picked up a bottle and put it in my bag, when I heard a car come to a stop behind me. I turned around and saw a small Volkswagen Jetta, the window rolled down, an older lady behind the wheel. "Miss, Miss", she called.
            "Hi," I said, walking towards her car.
            "Oh, I don't want to scare you." she said, with a thick accent.
            I thought she was lost on our windy country road, so I asked her if she needed directions.
            "No," she answered. "God told me to stop".
            I backed up a bit - "Okaaay".
            "God told me to stop and give you something."
            I figured she was going to give me a religious tract or something. At least she was   being nice about it! "Oh," I answered "That's very sweet, but you don't need to do that."
            "Yes, I do. God told me I had to. If you don't take it, then I will leave it here on the middle of the road for someone else!"
            With that, she shoved a piece of paper into my hand ... and drove away.
"God bless you," she called as she went. "Merry Christmas!"
            I opened my hand, and tears flooded my eyes as I saw what she had given me.
A clean, crisp $20 bill.
            Was she an angel? Maybe.
            Do angels drive Volkswagen Jettas???"

Isn't that a wonderful story?  I think about what happened and I know Dad is smiling.  I am so grateful for Clytie's Christmas Eve Angel.

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