Friday, December 14, 2018

Merry Christmas!

When I was a little girl, I could not figure out what all the hoopla was about Santa Claus.  As a child I loved the romance and danger of the ancient story of Joseph and Mary.

I was intrigued by the wonderful announcement of the singing angels to the shepherds and the tiny baby miraculously conceived. Then there were wise men who followed a shining star to where the child lived. They brought him wonderful exotic gifts.

There was even a jealous, deceitful king who sought after the child's life--yet miraculously, through the intervention of angels, the family escaped certain death.

I am still filled with awe and wonder as I consider the mystery and beauty of that wonderful old story.

Merry Christmas sweet Friends.  May the beauty and mystery of the season fill your hearts with joy! 

Friday, December 7, 2018

Angel Unhinged


This Angel Story was sent by my delightful Sister Clytie. Here is the story in her own words.

When I was first married, I drove a 1972 Datsun 2000 Roadster hard-top convertible. I rarely drove with the top down, because it entailed a great deal of work to get it off and stored. One of the hinges actually had to be removed with a crowbar, although the other side was so loose, it would sometimes fall down at odd times, with a loud "BAM!"

I frequently drove to Pendleton, Oregon, to visit my husband's grandparents - a four hour trip. On one occasion I was traveling by myself through the Columbia Gorge, my little car fully loaded for the weekend trip. I was tired, and the trip was long and boring, with no stereo or radio to divert my attention...

Suddenly, a loud "BAM!"

I woke up, realizing I had drifted off to sleep and was swiftly heading toward a very steep embankment, a vertical rock wall in front of me! I was shocked awake and shakily headed my little car back to the highway. I took the next exit and sat for a while.

Only after I had calmed down did I think to fix the hinge that woke me up. But it was already hitched!!! Astonished I looked at the other hinge - the one I needed a crowbar to undo, and there it was, hanging down ... undone. I had to use all of my force to push it closed again!

How did this happen?   I can only imagine an angel saw me falling asleep and flicked the hinge with an agitated finger to wake me up. I don't have any other explanation. In the entire time we owned the car the hinge on that side, only fell down that one time.

I, for one, am deeply grateful to God for His protection of my sister as she drove that lonely road. I think about what my life would be without Clytie in it, and I am bereft. There is something so wonderful and beautiful about the sweet relationship between sisters.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Angel in the Kitchen

Dad had just passed away.  Mumsie was standing in the kitchen weeping into the sudsy water of the sink as she washed the dishes.  She was filled with sadness and dark despair.

As she tells it, "I was in the kitchen doing the dishes, when suddenly I heard a HUGE voice saying my name, "EVA!"  

 I whirled around to see a giant angel standing behind me.  He wore orange and deep grey robes.  On his head was a helmet and in his hands he held a great sword.  He was enormous, at least twelve feet tall.  

"When I looked up into his eyes, he smiled a sweet, crooked smile.  Then he faded from my eyes.  Fear flew away and my heart was suddenly peaceful.  I knew that angel had been sent by God to strengthen me in my time of sorrow.  I am so thankful for God's gift of comfort."

Sometimes we are allowed to see those whom God has sent to watch over us.  When we are given that opportunity, it is a moment of unspeakable joy and surprise!

Dear Friends, no matter what terrible burden, or unmanageable situation you are facing just now, you are not alone.

The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them. 
~ Psalm 34:7 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Angel at the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

Long ago a dear little girl told me the following true story.

She was on a trip, far from home.  As a treat the family stopped at an all-you-can-eat restaurant buffet for dinner.

They had a wonderful time.  There was a lot of laughter and goofing off whenever they would stop to eat together--but this time was extra special.  She had finished her plate, but was still hungry so she decided to get seconds--after all--it said "all you can eat."

As she stood in line, a tiny wrinkled man in a brown suit, wearing a dapper hat stood next to her.

When she glanced at him,  his eyes twinkled.  Holding her gaze, he said kindly, "My dear, someday you will need to make some hard choices in your life."  He told her she would need to choose wisely.

She glanced down for a moment, wondering what he meant.

To her surprise when she looked back up--he was gone.  There wasn't a trace of him anywhere--and there was no way he could have walked away without being seen.

An angel?  Perhaps he gave this small girl words of wisdom to remember in the future?

I am sure this must have been so.  He was an angel, clothed as a human, sent to give a special blessing to a tiny girl with a beautiful heart.  I have it on good authority she never forgot that meeting, or the advice he gave. 

Blessings to each of you this new year.  It comes full of possibilities and miracles.  God's helpers are all around.  You are not alone.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Wood Angels, Sweater Angels and Angels Knitting

I will always be astonished when God sends His angels to minister, often before we know our own need.  I should not be surprised--but I never cease to feel awe when He provides in miraculous ways.

A little over a month ago, two cords of firewood were dumped on my driveway.  I had a couple month's worth out back, but had been fretting over not having enough wood to get through the winter.  It was a sudden gift, when my adopted Bro Larry called to say he was coming by with that firewood!

What I didn't realize was a month later my main gas furnace would give up completely--during the coldest temperatures we'd had so far.  This old house, built in 1896, was incredibly chilly.  God  knew I would need that firewood and sent Larry my way.

Then just before the furnace gave out, my wee sister Wendy sent a Christmas gift.  "Open it when you get the box," she said.  "There's something inside I think you'll need." 

Said she with a giggle, when I called to tell her of my predicament and how cold it was, "Well, I have a feeling you are going to love what I sent to you.  She was right!  She had knitted a beautiful maroon and green blanket--wonderfully thick and warm.  Such incredibly perfect timing--I slept under that throw with two more blankets, on the sofa next to the wood stove.

The day the furnace gave out, I received a package in the mail.  It was a beautiful, soft, thick sweater from Dan and Judy.

When I thanked Judy for the sweater and spoke of the perfect timing of its arrival, she laughed and told me they'd ordered it several months before. 

God knew what was going to happen.  I lived and slept in that gloriously warm sweater for three weeks!

These dear ones were God's own human angels.  And the perfect timing was God's.  He provided before I was aware of the need I would have for the wood, that wonderful soft sweater and lovely hand-made blanket.

I thank the Lord for those who pay attention to the gentle promptings of God, for then miracles happen.

Trust in God--Look up!  Expect a miracle!  He cares for you.

Merry Christmas dear one!  God is good!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Perfect Timing is God's Fingerprint

The last time I wrote here, I'd just been on my third visit to the hospital emergency room where an MRI revealed that I needed a complete hip replacement.  It is frightening to find that a part of one's body is strangely worn and isn't working anymore.

Within three weeks of discovering I needed surgery I was in the operating room.  I felt the comfort of His angels all around me.  I was not afraid.

Recently I had a follow-up visit with the surgeon.  That's when I learned my surgery was to have been delayed until late October.  The only reason I was able to get in so quickly, and with one of the best surgeons in this part of the country, is because there was an unexpected opening.

Sometimes a series of events happen in such a way it is obvious people are praying and God is answering their prayers.  Perfect timing is God's fingerprint, my Friends.  There is no such thing as coincidence, no matter how often some folks claim it is.

Six months after surgery, I can run and dance--astonishingly, by the end of October, I was well enough to speak at a Women's Retreat and had the joy of performing drama for various events in November and December.

I am still thanking God for His miraculous intervention.

Have a lovely day--keep looking Up.  Dear ones, you know who you are...there are many many folks who are praying for you.  God is good and He is watching out for you.  

Friday, August 19, 2016

God's Gentle Care

For over 25 years, my family and I have performed drama and music traveling across the US--and in honor of my husband, my children and God, I have continued on in that ministry.  This Spring, I injured myself moving sets for the Easter play. At first I thought it would heal up on its own.  But it didn't.  I have been into the emergency room three times since May and have found it increasingly hard to walk without a cane. Though I must admit yesterday, when someone told me I look quite snazzy with a cane, I felt quite pleased.  (grin) Haha! 

The last visit to the ER was last week.  The MRI revealed the blood supply to my hip bone had been compromised, so a portion of the bone had died. That in itself was a shock.  I wasn't expecting anything like that. The ER doctor referred me to a surgeon and I made an appointment with him right away.

The surgeon recommended hip replacement surgery as soon as possible.  However, before surgery could be scheduled he needed a referral from a primary care doctor. (In the meantime, the joint could collapse or a life-threatening infection could set in.  I'd already been running a low-grade fever.)

I was REALLY frustrated.  I had been trying to find a primary care doctor in my "network" for over six months and could not find anyone accepting new patients.  In fact, I had an appointment to be a new patient--but that was at the end of September.

Out of the blue, a dear friend of mine recommended I talk to an insurance agent here in town who helps people find good health care.

Karen discovered the coverage I had was woefully inadequate.  She filled out an application for our state coverage and sent it in for me.  What a blessing!  She was wonderful--caring, warm and professional.

Miraculously, within a week I was accepted!  I was blown away.  It can take up to a year to get coverage--so I was floored, as was the young woman who called.  She said this rarely happens and the fact it had was miraculous.  She also informed me I was already signed up with a primary care doctor.  The actual paperwork came in the mail on Thursday.

Happily, I snagged the last appointment of the week with the primary care doctor.  The appointment was to welcome me as a new patient.  Yesterday I had my first appointment with Doctor Andrea.  She was great, was able to fill all my prescriptions, as well as sending a referral for surgery to the surgeon's office.  It has only been 14 days since I first found out I needed a hip replacement.  I am in awe.

The sequence of events--how it all fell together--is miraculous. Perfect timing is God's fingerprint.  I would appreciate your prayers and I will update you when I can.  

Miracles are happening all around us.  We just need to take the time to look.  (grin) Since my beloved husband flew away to heaven, I have been amazed and in awe at God's provision and gentle care.

God bless you, dear ones.  May God's loving Presence surround you, as you walk the path of your life.  Watch for His hand--He is always with us, working on our behalf.