Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sissy's Christmas Angel

Time for another Angel Story. My darling Sister Clytie sent this one to me a few months ago.  Wow--sometimes angels are people, you know.  It is Spring, I know--but with our recent snowstorm, I thought this story to be perfect for a snowy wintery Spring day.

Sissy writes, "This story started a long time ago, but the interesting part happened more recently. I had been searching for an affordable digital converter box, as a promise to Victoria, for months. They were hard (nearly impossible!) to find, and the few that I did find were price prohibitive.

Then in November I found an ad in the newspaper for a converter box - at a very cheap price! I went to the store mentioned in the ad, and found they didn't carry them at that particular location. I checked 3 more stores in different towns, before I gave up.  Then, just before Christmas, I found another store ad! Again, though, the converter box was not available in any of the stores I visited. In all, I searched 6 stores - only to come up empty handed.

Finally on Friday, I stopped at one last Rite Aid ... and found a spot on the shelf for the box - but the shelf was empty. I waited at the service counter, and asked if they were going to get more in, or maybe one was behind the counter. Sadly, the clerk said they had only received a couple of them, which sold out quickly. They did not expect anymore. Ever.

I started to leave the store, when the pharmacist, who had been listening to my questions, came over. "Do you live here in town?" she asked. "No, I live in Wilsonville" - 10 miles or so away. She turned away, then turned back "I live in McMinnville" she said - 10 miles or so the other direction. I wasn't sure why she felt I needed to know this. Suddenly she said "I have one at home. It's brand new, in the box - I've never used it, and never will. If you can come back tomorrow, I want to give it to you."

I started to cry, telling her I would be back. She said her name was Pam.

This morning I went back to Rite Aid. It was a glorious day, and I enjoyed driving the winding country road. I tried to rehearse in my mind what I would say ... what if she forgot to bring it? I would hate for her to think I would be upset! I wanted to reassure her that it didn't matter - her offer alone was enough to bring joy to my Christmas!

I got to the store, took a deep breath, double checking my pocket to make sure the special card I had found for her was still there, and went into the store. I asked for Pam, and there she came, a huge smile on her face. She went behind the counter, and came back out with a box. Can you believe it, she actually apologized because the box had a tear in it!

I thanked her, tears raining down my cheeks. Then I handed her the card. She looked startled, saying "Oh, you didn't have to do that!".

"I know," I said. "Neither did you."

Pam will forever be my beautiful Christmas angel, who brought a joyous light to this total stranger, and I will never forget her generosity and beauty ... and how she taught me once again the true meaning of Christmas ... and faith.

I am so grateful to the angels in our lives.  They appear unexpectedly, bringing joy and leaving wonder in their wake.

You can visit Sissy at Random Hearts.  She is an amazing, talented, incredible person--I am SO privileged to be Clytie's big sis.