Friday, June 21, 2013

Angels on the Highway

The evening after we returned from our 30th anniversary celebration, I received a message that our friends in Carson needed me to speak for their Mother/Daughter tea--their speaker had become ill and was not going to make it.

I almost said no, because I suddenly had the strong impression if I went, I would be in grave danger.  Yet something inside me knew I must say yes.  So I did, but not before asking everyone I knew to pray for safety on the road.

I had one day to prepare.  They wanted to know if I could bring my Mom, so I asked Mumsie if she'd like to come with me.  I was delighted when she said she could.  Time with Mumsie is to be treasured, even in heavy traffic!  Traffic in Portland was congested and slow.

I was in the middle lane, cars on both sides, when I noticed the man in the big SUV on my right was drifting into my lane.  It didn't seem real, when suddenly he swerved at me--he didn't even look to see if anyone was in his way.

Just in time, the car on my left sped up, so I was able to swerve into the left lane, while laying on the horn.

That SUV had come to within an inch of the side of my car.  Mumsie could not believe he'd come that close without actually hitting us.  Mom and I were both shaking, as the man backed off and pulled in behind us.

Only supernatural intervention could have saved us.  It was SUCH a close call.

But then less than a minute later, ANOTHER car--a big old boat of a car tried to pull in front of me into a space that wasn't there--as he did so, the car in front slammed on their brakes. Mom was saying, "Slow down, slow down," as I miraculously missed hitting the back left-hand side of that idiotic young man's bumper.

Once again, we were safe.  Both Mom and I distinctly felt Angels all around us.  Watching--keeping us from harm.

I slowed to a crawl, grabbed Mom's hand and I cried.  The big silver SUV was still behind us at a discreet distance, following us onto The Dalles freeway.

Then traffic slowed once more.  The SUV changed lanes to pass us. 

Said I, to Mumsie.  "I am going to give that guy the 'Mommy look.'"

I slid my glasses to the end of my nose and as that man passed us, he looked over at me.  I gave it to him both barrels.  His mouth opened into an O, his eyes were huge and he looked terrified.  We followed him at a discreet distance, until he suddenly crossed three lanes of traffic to take the next exit.

When we arrived in Carson, Mumsie and I were not surprised to hear that, at the time we faced that great danger, several of the ladies had been led to pray. 

Astounding.  But not surprising.  There was a feeling that we had avoided an evil attack of some kind--that there were invisible forces all around us, fighting and protecting us from an awful fate.

I know it was my destiny to speak that day.  Something didn't want me to get there.

I believe what I was led to say made a difference in many lives.  I am grateful to God for His protection and for our beautiful friends in Carson.