Monday, January 10, 2011


This is not exactly an angel story, but it rates right up there with miraculous happenings.

My brave Father fought in WW2.  He was drafted into the army paratroopers just after his 18th birthday. When he was 19, he faced the enemy in the Battle of the Bulge.   He parachuted down behind enemy lines and was captured by the Germans. Daddy spent nine terrifying months in a Nazi Prison camp also known as Stalag B and Bad Orb.

Not long afterward, Dad's parents received a devastating letter from the army.   Their beloved eldest son was Missing in Action. I cannot imagine how awful that must have been for them.

Then one night Dad's Mom dreamed he stood at the end of her bed.   He told her he was a prisoner of war and that he was alive. The dream was so real, she was convinced she had actually spoken with him. Grandma never stopped praying for her boy. She was not surprised when they informed her that he had been rescued.

When Dad returned home from the war, he described a dream where he'd stood at the foot of his Mother's bed.  He remembered telling his Mother he was alive and was a prisoner of war in Germany. Amazed, they pieced together the timing of their dreams. The truth is, God allowed Daddy to visit Grandma in a dream to let her know he was alright.

What a wonderful blessing of God's miraculous grace to both Mom and Son. How grateful I am for Grandma's prayers for Dad when most people were convinced he was dead.

Today is Dad's 85th Birthday!  Happy Birthday Daddy!