Monday, March 27, 2017

Perfect Timing is God's Fingerprint

The last time I wrote here, I'd just been on my third visit to the hospital emergency room where an MRI revealed that I needed a complete hip replacement.  It is frightening to find that a part of one's body is strangely worn and isn't working anymore.

Within three weeks of discovering I needed surgery I was in the operating room.  I felt the comfort of His angels all around me.  I was not afraid.

Recently I had a follow-up visit with the surgeon.  That's when I learned my surgery was to have been delayed until late October.  The only reason I was able to get in so quickly, and with one of the best surgeons in this part of the country, is because there was an unexpected opening.

Sometimes a series of events happen in such a way it is obvious people are praying and God is answering their prayers.  Perfect timing is God's fingerprint, my Friends.  There is no such thing as coincidence, no matter how often some folks claim it is.

Six months after surgery, I can run and dance--astonishingly, by the end of October, I was well enough to speak at a Women's Retreat and had the joy of performing drama for various events in November and December.

I am still thanking God for His miraculous intervention.

Have a lovely day--keep looking Up.  Dear ones, you know who you are...there are many many folks who are praying for you.  God is good and He is watching out for you.