Thursday, February 14, 2013

Roses for Mumsie -Guest Heart Thursday

Every Valentine's Day, Daddy always found a way to get Mumsie a lovely bouquet of flowers and a big fancy box of candy.  Because this was Mom's first Valentine's Day since Dad died, I knew it would be incredibly difficult for her.  I wanted to do something special for her in his absence.

So, I found some flowers which were reasonably priced and chose the best ones I could afford.  I looked longingly at a huge bouquet of red roses, but knew I couldn't swing it.  I asked the clerk if they sold fancy boxes of chocolate and if not, perhaps she knew someplace nearby where they did.

I explained my plans to surprise Mom with flowers and a big box of chocolates and why it was so important.  Unbidden, tears lurked in my eyes.

As I was ready to purchase the flowers I'd found, the young lady excused herself for a moment.  I stood at the check out counter lost in my thoughts--when I heard her ask, "Does your Mom like roses?"

"Yes, she does," I said, looking up with a tearful smile.

In her hands the girl bore a beautiful bouquet of a dozen red roses complete with baby's breath and gorgeous greens.

"These are for your Mom," she said, putting them into my hands.  "And they're on the house."

I gasped and burst into tears and when I could find the words, I thanked her.  She was weeping as she hugged me.   

What an unexpected, precious gift of love for our beloved Mumsie--on a day I know she was dreading with all her heart.

Sometimes Angels are people doing wonderful, unexpected things for each other.  I am so grateful for Miss Molly and her lovely gift of flowers.  Mom was astonished--and when she heard the story, she was even more touched.  (And yes, I did find a really cool heart box filled with chocolates to go along with those roses.)  (grin) 

We can all be someone's Angel--and you never know who's watching.  Click on the heart below--this song touched me SO much.  Thank you to all the angels out there--with one simple kind act, you can change the world.

I wish each of you, a wonderful Happy Valentine's Day! 

For more heart art, photography and altogether fabulous heart stuff from around the world, visit Clytie at Random Hearts for Guest Heart Thursday! 


  1. I just knew I should not have read this. **sniff** How extremely wonderful. I like your sky heart, too.

  2. such a lovely experience
    i am so glad that angels find you regularly

    my heart is gently smiling