Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Angel in the Airport

Naomi and her 18-month old grandchild were waiting in the airport lobby.  They were there to greet a loved one who'd been away for some time.

Naomi watched the tiny child as she played.  She looked away for an instant.  When she looked back her grand baby was missing!

She could not see the little girl anywhere--she searched in every nook and cranny, asked everyone if they'd seen the little girl, but no one had.  Fear pushed it's ugly head into her heart and panic began to reign.

She closed her eyes and began to pray.

Suddenly there was a gentle tap on her shoulder.  Naomi opened her eyes to see an short elderly lady in a pastel flowered dress, looking into her eyes.

"Don't be afraid," said the old woman, with a kindly twinkle.  "Look just over there, your grand baby is playing behind those planted palms."

Naomi could not see the child, but even so, dashed to the potted plants.  There hidden from view behind the pots, sat the baby playing quietly.  Naomi gasped and caught the child up in her arms.

She turned to thank her benefactor. 

But the little old woman was gone.  There was no way she could have vanished so completely in the short time it had taken to run to the child.  When Naomi described her to people in the lobby--asking if they'd seen her--no one had.  No one remembered a woman of that description even talking to her.

An angel?  I think so.  They often appear as human as you or I--yet they vanish in a twinkling of the eye.


  1. What a lovely story and the image is just stunning!
    God Bless You :)

  2. How many times have we met God's miracles and not known it?