Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Real Life Miracles

This morning, in our little daily newspaper, I read about a miracle in our own hometown.  Tim and Diane Engstrom's story of healing has even been featured on the 700 Club.

In January of 2008, Tim visited his family doctor for routine physical.  Seemingly healthy, as a last minute thought, he asked the doctor to check his lungs because he'd recently developed a small persistent cough.  

Tim says, "He put his stethoscope on my chest, on my back, on my chest and on my back again.  And then he told me, 'You need to go to the hospital.'"

Tests and Cat scans revealed more than 20 tumors in his lungs.  Most were the size of dimes, nickels and quarters, but others were much larger. One tumor was even decomposing and was poisoning his body with toxins.

His diagnosis was illusive.  Because the doctors couldn't pinpoint the actual cause for the tumors, there was no treatment for Tim.  His wife remembers thinking that her husband was a dead man walking. 

"Right at the beginning we began to pray and ask God for healing."  For months, Tim, a tall athletic man who doesn't like to sit still, rested and waited upon God.

It was in June, that Tim called his doctor again.  He felt just fine.  A few days earlier he'd even stopped taking the pain medications he'd been forced to take to control his intense pain. 

The doctor sent him in for another CAT scan.  The couple didn't get a phone call with the outcome for several days.  

The reason for the delay?  Tim's doctor couldn't believe what he was seeing and had the entire case reviewed to make sure the results were real.  "The tumors have resolved," his Pulmonologist told him over the phone.  "You are getting better."

"God in His mercy reached down and touched my life and healed me," Tim says.

Miracles are happening all around us.  This dear couple's prayers and faith, resulted in God's mighty intervention.  Tim was healed.

What would happen if we sincerely prayed over the impossible things in our lives?  What if we prayed about what we see happening overseas, in our own country and communities?  Sometimes I forget to do that.  Reading this miraculous story in today's newspaper, I felt new inspiration to bring everything to God in prayer as I walk through each day.  

Then I shall look up and watch what He will do.  

Have a lovely day, sweet Friends!  Don't forget to bring all things--even seemingly impossible things--to God in prayer.  He is listening.

(Original News story, Miracle Man Keeps Beating Odds, was published in the August 20, 2014 issue of the Polk County Itemizer-Observer.  The article was written by Jolene Guzman.) 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Lights out! -SkyWatch Friday

Time for another angel story! This one comes from Charlotte, who gave me permission to tell her story.
One very dark night, Charlotte and her husband Bill were driving home through a mountainous region in California known as Malibu Canyon. In those days the road was extremely dangerous, sporting only two lanes, no guard rails or lights, with a sheer drop to the canyon floor below.
They had just driven into the most dangerous area of the road, when suddenly their car lights went out! It was a moonless, wet, wintry night, and they could not see the road ahead. With their vehicle's lights off, the oncoming cars would not be able to see them coming. It was a situation which could end in the worst kind of disaster.
Charlotte must have been terrified. She wrote, " I prayed for the lights to come on, and they did." Inexplicably the car's lights stayed on until they drove out of danger. When they were safely through the canyon, the lights went out again--forever.
The next day, an astonished mechanic told Charlotte's husband Bill, there was no way the lights could have come back on again--the electrical was cut clear through.
Charlotte believes there were angels holding those wires together, and writes, "...just hope they didn't singe their wings!"
Angels are indeed watching over us!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Highway Angel -SkyWatch Friday

Time for another Angel Story.  A few years ago, our good friend Ken was driving a truckload of pipe  down highway 16, Washington State.

A man pulled alongside, signaling something was wrong with his load, so Ken slowed and stopped on the shoulder of the highway.  The man also stopped and together they tightened down the ropes holding the pipes in place.  Suddenly Ken didn't feel very well and he had to sit down.

Then he lost consciousness.  Ken was having a major heart attack.  His helpful new friend called 911 and began to administer CPR.  Later the paramedics couldn't recall what the man looked like, or where he went once they took over.  He and his vehicle simply vanished.

Ken's family was heartbroken when the doctors told them tests revealed that there was no brain activity.  Ken was moved to hospice where they expected him to die. But my husband and I and hundreds of people all over the world were praying for a miracle.

He was in a coma without any brain activity for quite a long time.  Then came the day the family was approached about organ donation.  The doctors told them Ken would never recover because he was brain dead.  But the family decided to wait.  Weeks went by, we were all afraid he was going to die.

Meanwhile, his youngest daughter had been feeding him ice chips.  When she would place the ice in his mouth, he would swallow the water.  The nurses discouraged her from doing so, they said she was prolonging the inevitable.  But that dear girl kept on giving her Dad the ice.

I'm not sure how much more time passed, but one day when the family came to visit they found an empty bed.  They feared the worst.

Imagine their astonishment when they found Ken alive and well in the small hospice cafeteria, eating mashed potatoes, gravy and turkey.  He could walk and talk--he knew his family and he was hungry.

He actually had to stay in Hospice a few extra days because there was no paperwork in existence to check someone OUT of hospice!  We all had a pretty good laugh over that.

We still see him from time to time--he is healthy, hale and hearty.

If that man hadn't signaled something was wrong with the load of pipes, Ken wouldn't have pulled over.  He could have had a heart attack while he was driving.  Others could have been hurt.  If the man hadn't been there to call 911 and administer CPR, our friend might not have made it.

An angel?  I believe it is possible.

To be called brain dead one day and yet awaken with one's brain intact is miraculous.  God is still in the business of miracles! 

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Angels in the Sky -SkyWatch Friday

Two weeks ago yesterday, I was working on the computer when the smoke alarm went off.  At first I thought it was something in the kitchen, but then I realized it was our wood stove and there was a chimney fire.

I yelled for my husband to call 911.  Then I grabbed a bucket, filled it with water and doused the fire in the wood stove.  As I shut it up tight, a plume of steam raced up the chimney.  This was the best thing I could have done, I'm told, as the steam likely slowed the fire down until the fire trucks could get there.

In fact, the fireman told us the wall was minutes away from bursting into flame.  A miracle indeed.

A couple nights after the fire, I could not sleep.  I wandered the house, not knowing why I did.  I noticed an awful aroma in the back of the house--it smelled like rotten beetles.  It took me a bit to discover the aroma came from closet under the stairway, and when I opened the door there was smoke.  Apparently one of the breakers in the breaker box there had overheated and melted.  It was likely on fire, but contained by the metal box.  My husband was able to contain it and we were safe.  This was totally unrelated to the chimney fire.  Again, we were protected.

The next morning as the cleaning crew arrived, I saw some amazing clouds in the sky, so I ran outside to take a few pictures.  Later as I looked at the photos on my computer I was astonished to see what looked like two angels hovering over the trees.

Here is a closeup of them.  Astonishing, isn't it?  With the events of the past three weeks, I am just sure they are our guardian angels.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rocky Mountain Adventure -Guest Heart Thursday

Years ago, when our children were "tweens," my husband and our family along with his Brother, Sister-in-Law and their family were sightseeing in the Rocky Mountains near Estes park.

The cliffs along the road sparkled like diamonds.  We were in awe so we pulled to the side of the road to look at the bright  rocks of the steep hillside. 

The kids decided to climb the side of the hill.

Our middle daughter had climbed quite a ways up when the unthinkable happened.  She reached out to grab part of the cliff when a huge piece of the cliff came loose on top of her.  Later she said,  “I tried to push it to one side with my hands so it wouldn’t hit my cousins, but it was too heavy.”  Everything went into in slow motion as I watched the boulder land on my nephew, then bounce back onto my daughter. 

The giant rock hit both her shins and she flew backwards off the cliff, landing on her back in a cupped area of sharp rocks below.

The huge rock bounced down to land on my young niece, hitting her hard on the thigh as she slid down the cliff on her feet.  My daughter said at that moment she felt herself blacking out--but she was so worried about her cousins, she wouldn’t let herself go into the darkness. 

As she lay there, she was afraid to move because she hurt so badly.

I don’t remember how I got to her side, but suddenly I was there, my husband close behind, checking her legs, her back while my brother-in-law, once he knew his son was alright, carried his daughter to the edge of the road.

Miraculously the kids only sustained scrapes and cuts—there were no broken bones, no lasting consequences.  They insisted on going on to Estes Park.

On our way back, we pulled over to the spot where our children had so narrowly escaped harm.  There was the rock which had fallen onto the children--it was so big and heavy my husband and his brother together couldn’t lift it.  It was a miracle no one was seriously hurt.  We knew God’s angels had hefted that great boulder aside.  There was no other explanation.

Then the kids decided to climb the hill again.  It looked safe and they were determined to go.  After examining the hillside, we as parents felt this was the best thing to do.

After climbing to the top and back our daughter confided, “Best of all I conquered my fear and climbed that same cliff--all the way to the top.”

Later we went back and got that big rock—it rests my brother-in-law’s Garden—a reminder of God’s incredible mercy and grace, and the strength and loving protection of those Rocky Mountain Angels.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Angels Overhead -Guest Heart Thursday

If you look closely you can see a heart hidden in the arms of the cloud.  What a beautiful day it was.  I was down at the park with my darling little niece.   We were in awe of the beauty of the skies.

Then she gasped and pointed upward.  "Look," she cried.  "There's an angel!"  She danced on her small toes as she added, "and his arms are open for a hug."

What a beautiful thing--to see through the eyes of a child.

For more heart art, photography and altogether fabulous heart stuff from around the world, visit Clytie at Random Hearts for Guest Heart Thursday.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Angels on the Highway

The evening after we returned from our 30th anniversary celebration, I received a message that our friends in Carson needed me to speak for their Mother/Daughter tea--their speaker had become ill and was not going to make it.

I almost said no, because I suddenly had the strong impression if I went, I would be in grave danger.  Yet something inside me knew I must say yes.  So I did, but not before asking everyone I knew to pray for safety on the road.

I had one day to prepare.  They wanted to know if I could bring my Mom, so I asked Mumsie if she'd like to come with me.  I was delighted when she said she could.  Time with Mumsie is to be treasured, even in heavy traffic!  Traffic in Portland was congested and slow.

I was in the middle lane, cars on both sides, when I noticed the man in the big SUV on my right was drifting into my lane.  It didn't seem real, when suddenly he swerved at me--he didn't even look to see if anyone was in his way.

Just in time, the car on my left sped up, so I was able to swerve into the left lane, while laying on the horn.

That SUV had come to within an inch of the side of my car.  Mumsie could not believe he'd come that close without actually hitting us.  Mom and I were both shaking, as the man backed off and pulled in behind us.

Only supernatural intervention could have saved us.  It was SUCH a close call.

But then less than a minute later, ANOTHER car--a big old boat of a car tried to pull in front of me into a space that wasn't there--as he did so, the car in front slammed on their brakes. Mom was saying, "Slow down, slow down," as I miraculously missed hitting the back left-hand side of that idiotic young man's bumper.

Once again, we were safe.  Both Mom and I distinctly felt Angels all around us.  Watching--keeping us from harm.

I slowed to a crawl, grabbed Mom's hand and I cried.  The big silver SUV was still behind us at a discreet distance, following us onto The Dalles freeway.

Then traffic slowed once more.  The SUV changed lanes to pass us. 

Said I, to Mumsie.  "I am going to give that guy the 'Mommy look.'"

I slid my glasses to the end of my nose and as that man passed us, he looked over at me.  I gave it to him both barrels.  His mouth opened into an O, his eyes were huge and he looked terrified.  We followed him at a discreet distance, until he suddenly crossed three lanes of traffic to take the next exit.

When we arrived in Carson, Mumsie and I were not surprised to hear that, at the time we faced that great danger, several of the ladies had been led to pray. 

Astounding.  But not surprising.  There was a feeling that we had avoided an evil attack of some kind--that there were invisible forces all around us, fighting and protecting us from an awful fate.

I know it was my destiny to speak that day.  Something didn't want me to get there.

I believe what I was led to say made a difference in many lives.  I am grateful to God for His protection and for our beautiful friends in Carson.