Monday, March 27, 2017

Perfect Timing is God's Fingerprint

The last time I wrote here, I'd just been on my third visit to the hospital emergency room where an MRI revealed that I needed a complete hip replacement.  It is frightening to find that a part of one's body is strangely worn and isn't working anymore.

Within three weeks of discovering I needed surgery I was in the operating room.  I felt the comfort of His angels all around me.  I was not afraid.

Recently I had a follow-up visit with the surgeon.  That's when I learned my surgery was to have been delayed until late October.  The only reason I was able to get in so quickly, and with one of the best surgeons in this part of the country, is because there was an unexpected opening.

Sometimes a series of events happen in such a way it is obvious people are praying and God is answering their prayers.  Perfect timing is God's fingerprint, my Friends.  There is no such thing as coincidence, no matter how often some folks claim it is.

Six months after surgery, I can run and dance--astonishingly, by the end of October, I was well enough to speak at a Women's Retreat and had the joy of performing drama for various events in November and December.

I am still thanking God for His miraculous intervention.

Have a lovely day--keep looking Up.  Dear ones, you know who you are...there are many many folks who are praying for you.  God is good and He is watching out for you.  

Friday, August 19, 2016

God's Gentle Care

For over 25 years, my family and I have performed drama and music traveling across the US--and in honor of my husband, my children and God, I have continued on in that ministry.  This Spring, I injured myself moving sets for the Easter play. At first I thought it would heal up on its own.  But it didn't.  I have been into the emergency room three times since May and have found it increasingly hard to walk without a cane. Though I must admit yesterday, when someone told me I look quite snazzy with a cane, I felt quite pleased.  (grin) Haha! 

The last visit to the ER was last week.  The MRI revealed the blood supply to my hip bone had been compromised, so a portion of the bone had died. That in itself was a shock.  I wasn't expecting anything like that. The ER doctor referred me to a surgeon and I made an appointment with him right away.

The surgeon recommended hip replacement surgery as soon as possible.  However, before surgery could be scheduled he needed a referral from a primary care doctor. (In the meantime, the joint could collapse or a life-threatening infection could set in.  I'd already been running a low-grade fever.)

I was REALLY frustrated.  I had been trying to find a primary care doctor in my "network" for over six months and could not find anyone accepting new patients.  In fact, I had an appointment to be a new patient--but that was at the end of September.

Out of the blue, a dear friend of mine recommended I talk to an insurance agent here in town who helps people find good health care.

Karen discovered the coverage I had was woefully inadequate.  She filled out an application for our state coverage and sent it in for me.  What a blessing!  She was wonderful--caring, warm and professional.

Miraculously, within a week I was accepted!  I was blown away.  It can take up to a year to get coverage--so I was floored, as was the young woman who called.  She said this rarely happens and the fact it had was miraculous.  She also informed me I was already signed up with a primary care doctor.  The actual paperwork came in the mail on Thursday.

Happily, I snagged the last appointment of the week with the primary care doctor.  The appointment was to welcome me as a new patient.  Yesterday I had my first appointment with Doctor Andrea.  She was great, was able to fill all my prescriptions, as well as sending a referral for surgery to the surgeon's office.  It has only been 14 days since I first found out I needed a hip replacement.  I am in awe.

The sequence of events--how it all fell together--is miraculous. Perfect timing is God's fingerprint.  I would appreciate your prayers and I will update you when I can.  

Miracles are happening all around us.  We just need to take the time to look.  (grin) Since my beloved husband flew away to heaven, I have been amazed and in awe at God's provision and gentle care.

God bless you, dear ones.  May God's loving Presence surround you, as you walk the path of your life.  Watch for His hand--He is always with us, working on our behalf.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Blessed are They Who Mourn

Early Thursday morning, October 30th, 2014, I lost the love of my life.  It has been nearly a year since Alan flew away to heaven.  I was blessed to share 31 wonderful years with this precious, creative man.  I miss him more than I can put into words.

Something beautiful happened after my Beloved left us.  I could not sleep those first few days--I kept reliving the moments he fought to live.

I remembered giving Alan CPR until the ambulance came...I remembered counting, as I was pressing my hands against his heart, blowing my breath into his lungs--his lips against mine.  He had tried so hard to come back to us.   

A day later in the early morning hours, I lay on the sofa, my eyes closed, weeping.  It just didn't seem real.  How could my world go on without him in it?  Then suddenly a cool, sweet breeze slid across my face...and I felt my Beloved's dear lips press softly against mine.  My husband kissed me goodbye.

I am grateful for the astonishing memory of that last kiss--His lips touching mine in love--a beautiful, miraculous good-bye from my Beloved.  That memory is the one to which I cling.  The love we shared was truly an extraordinary one. 

Alan was a servant of God and He loved people. He wanted everyone to know God loved them too, and so I am passing his message on to you dear ones--God loves you.  He longs to know you, God wants to share His Son and the world He created for you--in a whole different way than you've ever known.

"Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted."
  Matthew 5:4

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Columbus Day Storm of 1962

Tis' getting cloudy and windy outside, herald of a storm moving in tonight. It won't be near as bad as the storm which hit the Pacific Coast Columbus Day, October 12, 1962.

I was only four, but I remember the sky overhead bubbling like a pot of stew. The clouds were an odd yellowish green color, and the trees swished with a peculiar swinging motion.

Then Mom whisked my baby sister, little brother and me, with Zat the Canary, into a corner next to our big oak China buffet. 

As the wind began to howl, Mom remembers she said, "Let's pray," and my little brother and I dropped to our knees.  I don't remember praying, but I do remember feeling totally safe--as though we were in a place where harm could not stray.  

In the living room, we watched the wind bend the glass of the wall-sized window inward, until it shattered into a million pieces. All that glass flew past us, crashing out through the big kitchen window. Miraculously we weren't touched.   

Thinking back on my memories from my child's eye view, I strongly remember the sense we were inside a warm bubble of protection. I wasn't afraid one bit.

Then there was a lul in the storm. We crawled out the back window of the bedroom and walked to the middle of the field between our house and my grandparent's home.  The wind must have began again, but I don't remember feeling it against my face.  From my child's perspective, though I could see the wind bending the trees so their tops nearly touched the earth, we were still standing inside a bubble of still air.

We remained in the middle of the field.  Poor Mumsie was afraid to go inside my grandparents' place, because of what had just happened inside our house.  We watched as Grandpa's two-story barn sagged to its knees. Tons of hay blew out of the peak to hang in a giant hay ball in the sky--it looked just like a huge  bristling baseball. Then the top of our house peeled back like a can of sardines and flew away.

It is amazing that everyone, including Zat the Canary came through that storm in one piece.  As a kid, standing inside that warm bubble, I loved it all.

After the storm, Mom and Grandma cooked dinner on the old wood stove.  They had found meat in the freezer and had pulled fresh vegetables from the garden.  The stew was hot and good.

In the days after the storm, I have memories of sleeping in the living room to the music of rain dripping into cans everywhere on the floor. We didn't get our electricity back for quite awhile as I recall.

I hope we never have another storm like that one--I think I would have more sense to be afraid now that I'm an adult!!  Thinking back, I am grateful for that wonderful feeling of protection.  I am convinced God's mighty power kept us from harm that stormy day.

Funny thing, I've loved storms every since.  I suppose my heart still remembers how I felt as a child during that wild storm.

Here's a link to a great website with some extraordinary stories of survival during the great Columbus Day Storm of 1962:

Friday, September 26, 2014

One Last Goodbye -Feline Art Friday

This is one of my cloud paintings.  I think this kitty cloud looks so much like our little friend Crickette'.

We were late for church that morning--so we were in a hurry to get out the door.  As we left, I noticed our sweet small cat sitting beside the back door, all fluffed with a shine of love in her eyes.  I had a fleeting thought of tires and thought to myself, I should put her inside before we leave.  But I didn't, we were already pulling away from the house.  She seemed to be saying goodbye and I smiled.

Arriving home that afternoon, we didn't notice she was gone at first.  Then we realized our Crickette' was nowhere to be found.  She was usually close at hand, interested in everything we would do.

As the hours passed, and she didn't come to our calls, our heartache grew.  All through the night, every few hours, I would awaken to go out and call her name.

Monday morning, I called the police to see if they'd picked up a small grey cat.  We live near downtown, so when there is an animal fatality, the police are called.  The lady I spoke with said the police had indeed picked up a small grey cat near or home--Saturday night.  I said with such relief, "My husband and I saw her Sunday morning, so it couldn't be our cat."

But our little Crickette' still didn't come home.  When I called back, the police were doubly firm they'd found our kitty on the road Saturday evening.  

I can't explain it.  Our sweet furry friend came back to say goodbye.

When I talked to my husband about it, he said he'd seen her too that Sunday morning--all bright eyed and fluffy--and he'd felt as though she were saying goodbye.  He just didn't realize what kind of a goodbye it would be.

I'm grateful Crickette' came back to say goodbye--if she hadn't I would have always blamed myself for not letting her into the house before we left.

I don't know how to explain what happened.  I'm just grateful to God, that it did.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hometown Miracle -Beating the Odds

This morning, I read about a miracle in our own hometown. It was in our local weekly newspaper, The Polk County Itemizer-Observer.  The article was written by Jolene Guzman.

In January of 2008, Tim visited his family doctor for routine physical.  Seemingly healthy, as a last minute thought, he asked the doctor to check his lungs because he'd recently developed a small persistent cough.  

Tim says, "He put his stethoscope on my chest, on my back, on my chest and on my back again.  And then he told me, 'You need to go to the hospital.'"

Tests and Cat scans revealed more than 20 tumors in his lungs.  Most were the size of dimes, nickels and quarters, but others were much larger. One tumor was even decomposing and was poisoning his body with toxins.

His diagnosis was illusive.  Because the doctors couldn't pinpoint the actual cause for the tumors, there was no treatment for Tim.  His wife remembers thinking that her husband was a dead man walking. 

"Right at the beginning we began to pray and ask God for healing."  For months, Tim, a tall athletic man who doesn't like to sit still, rested and waited upon God.

Tim called his doctor again in June.  He felt just fine.  A few days earlier he'd even stopped taking the pain medications he'd been forced to take to control his intense pain. 

Baffled, the doctor sent him in for another CAT scan.  The couple didn't get a phone call with the outcome for several days.  

The incredible reason for the delay?  Tim's doctor couldn't believe what he was seeing and had the entire case reviewed to make sure the results were real.  "The tumors have resolved," his Pulmonologist told him over the phone.  "You are getting better."

"God in His mercy reached down and touched my life and healed me," Tim says.

Miracles are happening all around us.  This dear couple's prayers and faith, resulted in God's mighty intervention.  Tim was healed.

What would happen if we sincerely prayed over the impossible things in our lives?  What if we prayed about what we see happening overseas, in our own country and communities?  Sometimes I forget to do that.  Reading this miraculous story in today's newspaper, I felt new inspiration to bring everything to God in prayer as I walk through each day.  

Then I shall look up and watch what He will do.  

Have a lovely day, sweet Friends!  Don't forget to bring all things--even seemingly impossible things--to God in prayer.  He is listening.

(Original News story, Miracle Man Keeps Beating Odds, was published in the August 20, 2014 issue of the Polk County Itemizer-Observer.  The article was written by Jolene Guzman.) 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Lights out! -SkyWatch Friday

Time for another angel story! This one comes from Charlotte, who gave me permission to tell her story.
One very dark night, Charlotte and her husband Bill were driving home through a mountainous region in California known as Malibu Canyon. In those days the road was extremely dangerous, sporting only two lanes, no guard rails or lights, with a sheer drop to the canyon floor below.
They had just driven into the most dangerous area of the road, when suddenly their car lights went out! It was a moonless, wet, wintry night, and they could not see the road ahead. With their vehicle's lights off, the oncoming cars would not be able to see them coming. It was a situation which could end in the worst kind of disaster.
Charlotte must have been terrified. She wrote, " I prayed for the lights to come on, and they did." Inexplicably the car's lights stayed on until they drove out of danger. When they were safely through the canyon, the lights went out again--forever.
The next day, an astonished mechanic told Charlotte's husband Bill, there was no way the lights could have come back on again--the electrical was cut clear through.
Charlotte believes there were angels holding those wires together, and writes, "...just hope they didn't singe their wings!"
Angels are indeed watching over us!

If you love clouds as much as I do--join Skywatch Friday to see all the amazing things to be found by looking up.  Have a lovely day and Happy Skywatch Friday!