Friday, September 9, 2011

Monday's Small Miracle

I am to be the featured speaker at a Ladies Retreat next week.  What an honor to encourage these inspiring women!  The sponsors of the retreat and I have been preparing for this time of refreshment for these dear ones, for months. 

It was getting close and I was thinking about what to wear (isn't that silly).  Everything I had on hand had been worn to a frazzle.  I so yearned to have a new jean dress for the occasion.

So I put a bunch of artwork up on Etsy to see if I could sell enough to buy some material to make a dress.  I did not tell a soul--not even my husband--what I was up to.

I did sell a few things, but not enough to buy the material.  I resigned myself to use what I had on hand.  Monday (Labor Day), I was contemplating how to make my meager wardrobe a little more presentable.

Just then there was a knock on the door.  My Friend Laura stood there with a grin.  I wasn't expecting visitors, so her shining face was a welcome respite from my thoughts. 

Said she, as she thrust a big brown paper bag into my arms,  "I had a feeling you might need this today."

Inside I found a brand new pair of "Mary Jane" style tennis shoes which fit perfectly.  My own shoes had a hole in the side of 'em--so I was elated.  There was a box of Vanilla Chai Tea and a bag of reduced sugar muffins for my husband.

AND then . . . 

To my amazement I pulled out six yards of jean material--and not just any jean material--it was the exact weight and thickness, color I had imagined in my mind.

Laura laughed at the astonishment on my face.  

But then her own expression changed to wonder, as I told her of the miraculous timing of her gift.  Even as I write this, tears gather in my eyes.  Only God knew I needed a new dress and shoes.  No one else knew.   Laura's unexpected miracle gift, was like a hug from God.

God is  Good.  How wonderful that He cares about even the smallest of things--like a new dress for a speaking engagement!

Have a lovely week everyone! 

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