Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Triumph Over Evil

 It is time for another angel story.  This wonderful story of  an encounter with pure evil vanquished by God's power and love comes from Melinda.  She is a courageous young woman who's life inspires me. Here is Melinda's amazing Story:

My husband was out of town, and except for the two dogs I was alone in our old two story home. Prior to this night, I had been being drawn to religious things, books, churches, things connected with God. I guess one could say I was definitely "seeking" as I really did not know Him.

I was tired and fell asleep downstairs on the sofa. I woke up about 4:00 a.m., and decided I better get upstairs to bed as I had to get up early to go to work.
 I could not fall asleep right away. I lay there and the dogs were soon snoring lightly beside me. They were large dogs, one a lab mix, the other a husky mix. They took up most of the bed, so I felt protected with my dogs around me.

I was almost asleep when I swear I saw a dark form come in through my bedroom window. My heart pounded and my logic tried to figure it out. I wondered if I could call for help without anyone hearing the phone. I tried to think of what I could use for protection.
  Oddly enough, I noticed the windows were closed and my protective pups had not awakened.  They were not barking, but still slept soundly beside me.  

Yet I still had the overwhelming feeling that someone, or something was hiding behind the bedroom door.  I wondered if what I felt was real--My brain went into overtime...playing out all types of scenarios and possibilities. I remember even thinking maybe this was one of those alien abductions. After all wasn't that how they were always described?

Then with an incredibly quick motion a big, dark, black, thing leaped onto my chest. I refused to believe it was real....yet I could feel its weight on my chest...the sheer pressure of the thing.

I was afraid to move--afraid to open my eyes.  Though I felt fully awake, I still thought I might be dreaming.  I knew I had to determine if what was happening was real. I was trembling.  I decided if I could reach out and TOUCH the thing through the covers, then it must be real. I slowly moved my right arm and hand to touch what felt like a thigh across my chest. To my horror I felt something SOLID!

I couldn’t help it, my eyes popped open. Big mistake! I was consumed with terror as I stared into the most evil looking eyes I have ever seen.  The more fear I felt, the heavier the thing became. It seemed its strength grew from my fear.  Another part of my mind noted my dogs still remained still and sound asleep beside me on the bed!

I did not know what to do. I was so afraid.
  As the thing grew heavier and heavier, I realized I was having a harder and harder time breathing. I KNEW I could die right there in my bed and no one would be the wiser—and who would believe such a story?  I, myself barely believed it was real, yet it was happening to me.

I thought about all the things I would be leaving behind...worrying about my dogs and what would happen to them...all my "stuff" and what everyone would have to do, going through it all.

All these thoughts ran like lightning through my mind, as this darkness, this frightening creature-force-being-presence grew stronger and stronger. I could not move any anything except my eyes and they were still locked into that terrifying gaze.

I decided to shut my eyes and NOT acknowledge its presence... I refused to feed its strength by giving it more of my fear.  But the terror seemed overwhelming.  I suddenly realized I needed  help if I was going to survive.

I began to pray to God.
  I prayed for His help--I asked for His forgiveness of all the things I had ever done wrong...I told God, I did believe in Him and in His power and protection.  I said, I could not battle this evil thing without His strength.

Then unbelievably the ceiling of my bedroom rolled back like a scroll.  The corners of the room were held open by shining angels. I remember they looked right at me....such brilliant light all around them, illuminating their faces and bodies. In that instant, I also felt the presence of God.

Such bright light and peace....I could FEEL His presence and smile...His love...His protection. I lay there, the weight of the thing still pressing me down.  Yet I was filled with the most incredible sense of peace I have ever felt in my life. I was so relieved....was so assured all would be well and taken care of if anything did ever happen to me.  If I died that moment, I no longer cared.  I smiled...I clearly remember that smile coming across my lips....and being surrounded by that extraordinary warm, bright light. As God’s peace surrounded me, the evil being grew weaker and its weight began to lift.

I watched as the thing became a mere puff of black smoke which quickly rolled up and out of the top of the ceiling where the angels were. In an instant....the angels let go of the scroll and the glory of God and the angels vanished and my ceiling became a ceiling again.

It has been a long time since I’ve told this story to anyone. Because of my experience that night I have never been the same.
  I know God watches over me and over those I love.  And I am incredibly grateful for His Presence in my life.

You can find Melinda's wise and insightful blog at Breathe!!  Please drop by with an encouraging comment for this remarkable young woman.


  1. An amazing story. Truly inspirational.

  2. Good evening Beth

    Thank you so much for your most welcome visit and your kind words about Brittany's artwork and mine.. Your words are most appreciated.

    I would be thrilled and honored to be featured on your blog..
    Bless you,

  3. Such a story that fills the heart, mind and soul. When fear and evil take hold of you, you become a prisoner to their every whim. It is easy to give up and give in to the struggle. Yet a Greater Force of Hope, Love, Peace, Compassion and Understanding come over you once you ask and let it in. God in all Glory can not be stopped.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful uplifting story of life. If we open our hearts to God, we open our Lives to the Unending Unstoppable Love that concurs all.
    Blessings to you and yours. May you always walk with the Angles.
    Love and Light,
    Nina P

  4. What a beautifully told account of truth and love overcoming lies and horror. I have known too many people who have been in similar situations to scoff at the battles that rage around us - seen and unseen.

    I'm so glad you shared this story. As Nina said ... "God in all Glory cannot be stopped". Hallelujah!

  5. I am loving your stories, that sink deeper than the skin. Your pictures too, always. Know that.
    They bring much to me, in an unassuming way.