Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sissy's Prayers

We were returning from five-day trip to Spokane.  We had an eight hour drive ahead of us.  But near Noon, we noticed the heat of the engine was rapidly rising to the critical line.  We were able to add coolant before any damage was done--we were SO close to blowing the engine--we could hear the radiator bubbling and blowing.

A couple hours later, after lunch with friends, we were on the road again--but somehow we missed our cutoff and we were lost.  As we were finding our way, a woman in the lane next to us pulling a trailer of her own, nearly took us off the road.  She was holding her cell phone to her ear--she didn't seem to notice how close she'd come to becoming another statistic.

We arrived home safely.  Ah, it was so good to be home!

This morning I called Sissy to see how she was doing.  I was astonished when she asked if something had happened around Noon and then again around 2 p.m.?  I was speechless.  She'd had a heavy heart and a need to pray for us right when we were in danger.  So amazing--a beloved Sister's prayers--the powerful intervention of angelic forces.

I caught one of those angels in the skies--can you see her?  She followed us all the way to Oregon.  All the while she flew alongside, I was reminded we were traveling safely in God's hands.  Little did I know Sissy's prayers were winging their way to heaven.  Her heart was with us as we drove that long road home.


  1. When you described the angel that followed you ... I knew it would be special - but this is amazing! I absolutely see this beautiful being! Watching over you, my sissie! At 12 and 2. When you hit my mind with a force I couldn't deny. I'm so glad you made it home safely!!!

  2. Beautiful post, Beth! So glad to see your Angel blog is back again :)

  3. Yes maam I do see her!
    What a beautiful thing :)

  4. Hello, I have had many encounters from the spiritual. It has made me a very strong Christian. At one stage I cried out that I couldn't take any more. So for years there was nothing. On odd occcasions now I get tiny glimpses, and I am TOLD things I could not possibly know. It's real and I feel very sad for anyone who doesn't believe in a Savour, Jesus Christ (even had Him visit). God is my ever present help, He chose my second husband for me. I am now your new follower. Bless you.

  5. I continue to enjoy your stories, Beth!

  6. You knew I would come see your Angels first; yes? I believe your words. Your picture is proof of such.Beautiful; you.